Gratefulness And Lots of It

Gratefulness – And Lots of It!


I am grateful for all of the terrific writers who keep crafting wonderful stories, despite all odds.  They write at two in the morning, on the way to their dreary day jobs, before their kids get up in the morning and in every mode and method imaginable.  And when an agent or an editor or a publisher rejects their manuscript, they turn the situation around, persevere, and self-publish, bringing us even more engaging material to enjoy.

I am grateful for all of the stories that allow me to escape to worlds that flow from the imaginations of those terrific writers.  Sometimes, everyone needs a little refuge from what’s happening around them.  A good story, even when imperfect, takes us places that reduce our stress and make us smile, shudder, or cheer, forgetting our own imperfect lives.

I am grateful for all of the readers out there who never give up searching for the next great read.  Sometimes, we give them a good one – a sneaky plot twist, a character we’d like to have as a friend, or a description of a place that we’d like to visit.  They accept our imperfections because they know we’re trying our best to please them.  Hey, we’re not perfect either.

Most of all, though, I am grateful to be a writer.




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