If you love taking photos…

Do you love taking photos?  You don’t need to be a pro, just a person with a camera and a zest for capturing the perfect shot.  I’m right there with you!

A few months ago, I met the owner of this great website, Photophique, for all things camera-related.  He invited me to write gear comparisons for his site.  Click on this link for an example of the kinds of things I do:

10 Best Canon Portrait Lenses on www.photophique.com

The upside is that I dig into not only what’s currently being lauded as the best by reviewers around the globe, but I also learn (or relearn) picture-taking techniques and how to maximize the cameras and lenses I own.  Consider it a refresher course in Photography 101.

There is a downside, though.  I want to buy something from almost every article I write!  (Talk about negative ROI!)  So far, I’ve controlled myself – BUT, and this is a biggie, I’m not sure I can maintain that discipline forever!

I love Canon equipment, so I primarily cover Canon products for the site.  However, I’ve been known to do assessments of the 10 (or more) best travel cameras and other topics looping in different manufacturers.  It’s been fun, and like so many freelance writing assignments, a fine way of learning while doing.

If you’re a camera lover, I suggest you check out the site and learn something new too!  And please comment back to me below with your “take” on photography!

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