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They call themselves the girl tribe, a term of endearment for their close-knit circle of professional women, secure in their lives and making their way in the world. That world is Flynn’s Crossing, California, nestled in the Northern Sierra foothills. Along its Main Street and rural roads, romance happens when they least expect it – and only after they fully accept themselves.

Serena, Gabby and Roxy can’t resist. Tess can’t give up on the possibility of love, not when they decide to each provide her with perfect men for three blind dates. In the end, she can pick who found the most suitable match to win the bet. That is, only if any of the dates measure up to Tess’s high standards.

Who will she pick? The military vet? The county worker? The chef? Or will her secret thwart them all? It takes Three Blind Dates to decide.

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