Making 2018 Even More Creative

There’s something about the holidays.  A chance to reconnect with people you miss.  Reflection about what you’ve accomplished in the past months.  Inspiration for the year to come.

I began 2017 in a fog of regrets, sadness, and confusion.  Too many possible creative projects pressed in on me, like being tied up in the bedsheets and unable to break myself free.  Every time I began one new work, another screamed for my attention.  Should I concentrate on the ones promising possibilities of the best income?  The ones that made me happiest?  The ones I knew I was best at?

Or – forget all about the creative life?  Get a job – guaranteed income – at the local grocery chain or the big box store?  Was it all about the money, or the passion, or WHAT???

Here’s the thing about fog.  You lose your landmarks.  Weird light messes with your sense of direction.  Forget trying to see goals in the distance.  You can’t even see the path under your feet.

I thought clarity would come with a nice long vacation.  It didn’t.  Nope, just more ideas.  I had to act, take control, DO SOMETHING.  I had to take a leap and a plunge and hope it turned out for the best.

I’d been following Dan Blank at WeGrowMedia for quite a while.  I loved his weekly newsletters, because they always contained some seed I could plant in my creative garden.  I read his book Be The Gateway, and it helped me understand where and how I was tripping myself up.  At the edges of my creative vision, the fog lifted momentarily, offering me a glimpse of possibilities.

When Dan posted that he was opening a new Mastermind group based on his book, I didn’t hesitate.  I jumped on it, because I needed an industrial-sized fan – like a really, really BIG fan – to blow the fog away.  And guess what?  It worked!

I spent the first quarter working through clarity on what I wanted to create, but more importantly, WHY I wanted to create.  That helped me sort through my priorities, allowing a daily resurgence of creative time that didn’t feel forced or off-key.  During my next quarter, I developed a better understanding my audience and how to reach them, while I strengthened my creative habits.

My creative shift happened over those six months.  It felt like a miracle, though I know it was due to my hard work, Dan’s wise guidance, and the support of amazing people I met in my Mastermind groups.  My path became clear.  My work is focused.  My audience grows with each message and each personal touch.

Fast forward to today.  I’m now Dan’s behind-the-scenes person, a consulting role that brings me joy because it allows me to be an ongoing part of the creative community benefitting from Dan’s Masterminds.  One level of Mastermind has now become three.  An even greater number of people will find their roadmap to creative happiness, their power habits, and their super fans.

And I’m lucky to be a part of it!

I can’t say enough great things about Dan Blank’s Mastermind program (learn more here).  Space is limited for the sessions beginning January 1.  Ready to make 2018 the year you make YOUR creative shift? 

About The Author

Yvonne Kohano

Award winner and storycatcher Yvonne Kohano writes contemporary romantic suspense in her Flynn's Crossing series. She is also working on a psychological thriller trilogy, and producing nonfiction books with tips for creative types. In addition to running an indie press, Yvonne loves to cook (dedicated foodie), garden (plantaholic), travel (anywhere), and read and learn (anything). She, her husband and their dogs love their home in the Pacific Northwest. Follow her at and on Facebook and Twitter to learn what tickles her about being a writer.

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