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“Blooms on the Bones” – Book 5 in the Flynn’s Crossing series!

Available from your favorite ebook and paperback vendor in May 201

Blooms on the Bones Yvonne KohanoTess Willowspring, owner of Buds and Blooms, knows that leading the Flynn’s Crossing building committee isn’t such a high honor.  The role leaves her less time to create gorgeous floral arrangements, tend her garden, and enjoy her friends.  Life gets complicated when construction to develop a vacant lot at the end of the street meets with disturbing resistance from spirits– and only Tess can hear them.

Powers Ashland doesn’t feel he’s relationship material.  He’s better off growing his construction company and rebuilding a relationship with his brother.  When he wins the honor of developing that mysterious Main Street property, he’s not sure what threatens him more, a strange discovery on the site bringing work to a halt, or his unwilling attraction to Tess.

Do the totems they’ve chosen mean they’re predestined for each other?  Advice from the girl tribe and wolf pack aside, neither Tess nor Powers can help the feelings growing faster than the roses in her garden.  And digging in deep where emotions are concerned scares both of them – to death.


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