A Dark and Scary Place

Yes, these scientists are using their power for good. But what happens when – not if – someone uses it for evil? Or has someone already?

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Writing Fast is Possible!

A flurry of emails between writing friends over the weekend produced the following question: Yvonne, how can you write so fast? (Implied in this should also probably be, and not have it all turn out to be c— that needs to be deleted?)

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Where Ideas Come From

I have one of the best jobs on the planet.  I get to think about ideas, research things, and make up stories using those concepts.  Over the first seven books of my Flynn’s Crossing Series, I’ve learned about soldier PTSD, metal art, building the Panama Canal, movie making, Native American spiritualism, multigenerational ranch history, and…

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The Outtake – A Valuable Writing Tool

An outtake was the perfect solution. I made the decision to write this at novella length, telling the story through the eyes of a single point of view (POV) character.

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New Releases Days Away!

COMING SOON – For those of you who wonder what my Flynn’s Crossing characters are up to when they aren’t featured in one of my books, now you’ll know – they’re just like the rest of us! Coming at the beginning of November, the Flynn’s Crossing Christmas Novella “Love and the Christmas Tree Nymph” features…

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Reaching THE END

Last night, I wrote THE END on a novel I’ve been working on for the last seven months.

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