Where to Find Your Next Incredible Read

I have two best friends who read – a lot, as in, they have time to finish multiple books in a week.  I’ll just say it right now – I’m SO jealous!  And I’m lucky, because they pass on many great suggestions to me.

Now if I only had the time…

It isn’t only friends’ recommendations that come my way.  A myriad of free and reasonably priced publications, websites, and social media sources provide titles that get added to my list.  Since I read in a variety of fiction genres as well as some nonfiction, that list is getting exponentially longer by the day.

In addition to Amazon ‘recommended for you’ titles, I find terrific suggestions on Goodreads, Audible (yes, I listen to audiobooks too), RT (Romance Times) and ITW (International Thriller Writers).  There are Facebook pages devoted to certain genres, and Twitter feeds by particular authors or reviewers that offer more ideas too.  The wonderful aspect of many of these sites is that they offer information about a book before it’s published.  There’s nothing like a little anticipation to make the heart go pitt-a-patt!

In the past few months, I started reading the free publication Shelf Unbound.  In addition to book information, it has in-depth author interviews and covers a range of genres.  You can find the current issue at:  http://www.pagegangster.com/p/0hihL/.

Where do you discover your next must-read titles?

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