Taking a Walk for Inspiration

I was looking for a little inspiration last week for Flynn’s Crossing Book 6, Wine Into Water, the story of Marguerite and Deke.  Marguerite is the winemaker at Witch Hill Winery, and Deke’s adjacent ranch has been in his family for seven generations.

Grapes Flynn's Crossing

To jog my brain cells, I headed off to visit my friends at Mount Aukum Winery and hiked through the vineyards.  The grapevines are particularly stunning this year!  See what you think!

For some reason, the contrast of bright green vines and clear blue sky reminds me of Marguerite – though she is very black and white of course!

Tree skeleton Flynn's Crossing



And I found this marvelous old tree skeleton.  Doesn’t it look like it might have been on this land for generations?  Maybe Deke’s ancestors played in it as kids.

I’ve always loved the shapes and forms of Mother Nature at any stage.  What better way to be inspired, for a book about the land and the treasures it gives us, than nature itself?

Now, when I need a little inspiration for this book, I know just where to find it.  In my photo album, or with a walk outside.



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  • Yvonne Kohano

    July 6, 2013

    I’m glad you found this to be useful!