Wine, Water, and the Witch

The Story of Marguerite and Deke is ready for your reading pleasure!

November 2013

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Yvonne Kohano, Flynns Crossing series, Wine into Water

Yes, at long last, you’re going to learn about Marguerite and Deke and the infamous witch of Witch Hill Winery.  If you’re wondering what took me so long to get their story out, it’s – well – complicated.  You can read more about that in my blog –  Deke always lived in technicolor in my mind, but Marguerite was a lot harder to pin down.  She proved to be as elusive and opinionated in the creative process as she comes across in the beginning of the book!

Where do these characters come from?  I’m asked that question a lot, along with how closely they are based on real people.  I can tell you with absolute certainty that they aren’t based on any single individual I know.  This is fiction, after all!  Their traits are common to many people, and their life stories hold kernels of facts that I’ve blended and combined to create them. 

I have the pleasure of working as a writer and phtographer with a number of wineries in my county, and from the winemakers and owners, I’ve learned a lot about the people and processes necessary to make the nectar we enjoy.  The vistas described from Witch Hill are real, though not where anyone would expect them.  The witch is based on the many ghost tales common from the Gold Rush and other eras in my area.

And as outlandish as it might seem, the migration of Deke’s ancestors comes from the family story of a friend.  Yes, they threw their oars overboard!  I gleaned the activities of ranch life from local history and discussions with modern ranchers and farmers.  Inspiration for the restoration of the neighboring property was drawn from places not far from where I live.

Stories are all around us, and when we take the time to listen and observe, it can feed our imaginations a rich and varied menu of treats.  What stories can you capture today?

Wine Into Water

In the battle between wine and water, two controlling hearts clash, and with a witch involved, the results can be poisonous.

Marguerite Devereaux crafts wines that are exceptional, nothing short of perfection.  But the girl tribe counsels caution, saying that little in life is truly flawless.  She knows best though.  Doing things her way guarantees success.  When facts don’t agree, lashing out is the only way to protect her ego.  Is it also enough to guard her heart against her growing attraction to a man she vows to fight?

Deke Kermarrec strives to honor the seven generations who have worked his land, even if he is the last in the family who cares.  Nurturing high quality animals and protecting the ranch legacy are his life, one that’s threatened by a relative newcomer with little respect for science as well as sustainability.  Convincing her that he’s right requires more than waving facts in her face – or taking her to bed.

Trouble flows downhill, and Marguerite and Deke are thrown together in a treacherous crisis threatening more than their jobs.  With so much at risk, can they blend their passion for each other into a solution to their problems?  Perhaps the witch has the answer to all of their questions.

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