Spring has Sprung

Yvonne Kohano, Flynn's Crossing

At the end of February, we left for a vacation-a wonderful 14-day cruise to Hawaii and back, compete with bucket list experiences of flying in a helicopter over an active volcano and numerous encounters with breaching whales. Awesome! When we left, the garden was dreary and drab, with a few daffodils blooming as hints of spring to come. 

We got back last week to -POW-green!  BRIGHT, fresh lime and chartreuse that only comes from new growth around here. Leaves opened, fruit trees bloomed, and the few open daffodils transformed into thousands. Spring moved in, brought all of its colorful finery and dumped the suitcases out, emptying them all over the ranch.


Yvonne KohanoNot that I am complaining, mind you! We love the color, because we only get to enjoy that part of the year. In the winter, trees are bare and we admire their branching, and flowerbeds look nothing like the riot they’ll be in summer. Spring brings color, the kind you’ve forgotten over the cold months and now treasure with a sense of renewal.

Soon, too soon it seems, summer will be calling. The roses will flush with buds and blooms, perennials will pop out as we wonder what we planted where, and fruit will begin to hang from trees and vines. Then, heat will begin to bake things, and as time marches on, colors fade to the omnipresent golden duskiness that transitions us from mid-summer to fall.

There is still little rain and things have started too early around here in unnatural warmth, but for now, I’m going to let my eyes strain with the brightness of it all. Hope spring comes to your part of the world-and soon!

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