Something New

Something New for You!   03-31-13

According to Heraclitus, “The only thing that is constant is change,” and that applies to websites too!  Taking our lead from this ancient Greek philosopher, my web designer and I are hard at work to add two features to my webpage.


Do you have a special copy of one of my books that you’d like to have signed?  Or would you like to discuss a character or a story in person?  Now you can keep track of upcoming community events where we can network, face to face!

The new ‘Events’ tab will list dates and times when you and I can visit, sign books (or cards for ebook readers), and catch up.  I’ll be adding book signings, conferences, and other author activities so that we can discuss Flynn’s Crossing – and the new series ideas I’m currently developing.  I’d love to meet you!

Free Fun

Ever wonder what Roxy cooks when she’s invited the girl tribe over for dinner?  How does Tess’s garden grow so well?  And what about the stories that don’t make it into the books, like Serena and Dane’s wedding, or Jeremy and Will’s visit to the animal shelter? 

Under the new tab ‘Free Fun’, I’ll have advice from the characters, outtakes from the stories, and recipes, among other things.  If there’s something you’re curious about or a little bit about ‘the rest of the story’, feel free to email me and share!  I’ll do my best to add some new freebies here on a regular basis.

And Just for Fun – A New Look

Don’t be surprised if we come up with a new look – a new theme and design for the website.  We try to learn from all of the great examples out there, while staying true to the feel of my books.  But, like the new spring season, sometimes it’s just time to clean the closet!

Hope you like the new updates!  Please let me know what you think!


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