Snow Changes Everything

In our area we’re obsessed with the weather.  No, it’s not because we rely on agriculture and tourism to fill the coffers and cash registers.  And it’s not because we use the old adage, “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.”

Flynn's Crossing

Snpwning a couple of inches an hour

It’s because we have long periods when it doesn’t change, and when it finally does – BANG!

Flynn's Crossing Weather

Rapidly covering everything


That happened this week, and as I type this, Storm Q is hitting the Midwest – hard.  It dumped a load here first, though.  We received about 6 inches of wet, heavy snow in about 3 hours, though a light dusting continued after that for a few hours more.

Flynn's Crossing pictures

The Sugar bar is open


Flynn's Crossing

How does it hold all that

We’re not complaining, mind you.  In February, the average rainfall is about 7 inches, and we have less than half an inch to date.  Drought is a word that we hate to use, but one that may be prominent in our vocabulary this summer at this rate.






Flynn's Crossing

Cold and snowy dawn the next day

Just to help you imagine the winter white stuff in Flynn’s Crossing, here are some photos from the ranch during and after the storm!  Enjoy!

Flynn's Crossing

Sunrise through the Mimosa Tree



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