Never Overlook the Value of Props

I was out and about today and purposely wore one of my “I am a writer” t-shirts as a means to initiate conversation.  (I have about half a dozen, all funny, all eye-catching.)  People stop to read the t-shirt, which gives me an ‘in’ to say “I write fiction.”  I ask what they like to read to give them control over the conversation.

Readers engage, because most readers LOVE to meet a writer.  They ask if you’re published, which gives you an entre into explaining your genres and themes and books.  If they are part of your audience, they want to know if they might have heard of you.  (I always say maybe…)  This then gives me the chance to hand them cards (two – so they can give one to a friend who reads) so they can find me if they enjoy my genre.

Nonreaders will shut you down at either the read-the-t-shirt stage or at the question about what they like to read.  Readers who only read nonfiction will say that – and that gives me a chance to ask what they’ve read recently – engagement again.

It all begins with the t-shirt!

What props do you use to let people know you’re a creative?

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