Riffing with the Muse: Flynn's Crossing Romantic Suspense Series Book 11

Musical muse or angel in disguise?

After twenty years, Kaane Scott had nothing.  Na-da.  Zilch.
Melodies that once flowed so easily, dried up.  Words that
tripped over themselves to follow, silent.  He couldn’t bring
himself to call it Rebellion’s farewell concert tour.  Farewell
meant he was done.

Evangeline Reed was just beginning. “Use this gift to follow
your passions, my dear, wherever they take you.”  Her aunt’s
words hung in the air like the lingering hint of her favorite
perfume.  Angel’s art, her passions, her life all felt brand new.

Kaane didn’t feel done.  He needed the muse to bring it
back. If she came in the form of a cupid face and breathy
voice, so be it. If she pushed him to face the one reality he
never wanted to admit, it might be the price he had to pay.

Could they create the perfect harmony together?



Prologue - Last Autum