Why Practice Calms Fears

My greatest long-term fear is that I waste precious, scarce time in my life.  There, I said it.  I don’t think I’ll ever have ENOUGH time to explore everything I want to try in my lifetime. “Am I wasting my time?”  I’ve asked that question again and again in my full-time writing career.  After all,…

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When What-If Lands

He landed with a resounding THUNK in the middle of our oak-floored living room, a little to the east of the fireplace and thankfully, missing Dear Hubby and the dogs.  I crinkled the newspaper in my hands, trying not to show any sign of my quaking recognition. “What was that?”  DH rubbed a finger on…

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And Then THEY Showed Up!

I was getting a pedicure (the rest of me might look like a tousled mess, but my nails are always immaculate) and talking on the phone to a fellow writer, consultant and dear friend.  I was telling her about how I was bringing one fiction series to a close because I was out of ideas…

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Why Writing Fiction and Growing Vegetables are Alike

“I’ll plant vegetable seeds this year,” I said to Dear Hubby in the dark of January. “We have growlights, we have the room indoors, and we have plenty of time.” DH nodded and together, we selected personal favorites we’ve had success with in the past. For the record, I am a past Master Gardener, and…

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Weeding and Mulching – Mixing My Metaphors

Last night I had multiple dreams, nightmares really, about weeds and mulch.  A big pile of mulch in my living room that never diminished.  Me on my knees weeding a garden during a party I hosted.  Cleaning out a flower bed and turning to grab a tug of bark dust, only to find everything I…

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What Makes Your #18FreeReads Writers Tick?

Hi Avid Readers! Did you ever want to peek behind the curtain of a romance writer’s mind? Today’s your lucky day! I interviewed my #18FreeReads compatriots on questions tickling my curiosity. (Haven’t heard of this giveaway? Download all of the books here until May 22.) What makes us tick? You, the readers, first and foremost!…

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