The Need to Play

Does this feel like you? You find an activity that playful, that’s fun, that serves no apparent purpose other than to be a joy. Then you don’t do it because it isn’t producing anything.  No income stream.  No value.  No result you can point to at the end and say, “See?  I did this and it’s…

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The Great Unexpected

I’ve never done it, and I may never do it, but that doesn’t mean I’m not addicted to watching others take it on. Snowboarding, my friends.  I’ve spent the first few nights of the Olympics watching each snowboarding athlete with tense anticipation. Will they make the rails?  The 1080 back-to-back rotations?  The landings? Or, will…

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Fall In Love – Again and Again!

February is a month of romance, and what better way to celebrate than with free books! 60+ books with characters that will make you fall in love again and again. Find the Giveaway Here!    Participating authors: Marissa Dobson, Erica Sand, Stacy Claflin, Thea Dawson, Lilah Walker, Jennifer Jones, Abra Harrington, Kenna Shaw Reed, Selina…

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Words Move Worlds

Did you ever read something and have the words move you to the point of nostalgic tears?  Did a theater show ever leave you with so much emotion and awe, you can’t get it out of your mind?  You just can’t get the wonder of the words out of your mind. I’ve had a couple…

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Product Reviews – Thumbs Up or Down?

Call them stars.  Call them thumbs up or smiley faces.  Call them reviews. Whatever you call them, are they important? Let’s be clear.  About half of potential buyers for any kind of product ignore reviews.  They don’t care about what they say.  They buy because they want it and they want it now, and it…

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Fan Mail

The letter arrives each year, often between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and 2017 was no exception.  I have a fan, a super-fan, in Idaho.  Let’s call her Dee. Dee and I have shared a wonderful correspondence over the past four years.  She tells me what she loves about my stories (as she once put it, “girls…

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