Product Reviews – Thumbs Up or Down?

Call them stars.  Call them thumbs up or smiley faces.  Call them reviews. Whatever you call them, are they important? Let’s be clear.  About half of potential buyers for any kind of product ignore reviews.  They don’t care about what they say.  They buy because they want it and they want it now, and it…

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Fan Mail

The letter arrives each year, often between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and 2017 was no exception.  I have a fan, a super-fan, in Idaho.  Let’s call her Dee. Dee and I have shared a wonderful correspondence over the past four years.  She tells me what she loves about my stories (as she once put it, “girls…

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This sure didn’t take long. Checking in on my first week’s accomplishments, I bemoaned the sad truth. We’re only eight days into the new year, and already, I am behind. Like most of us, I leap into January with lofty hopes, grand illusions, and confidence that somehow, this will be the year I figure out…

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Why I Go Quiet Over the Holidays

Happy holidays, everyone! Two posts coming at you this week – the second half of my reader survey results, and this, my holiday message. Why two?  That’s simple.  I like to take time during this season for reflection.  What do I feel gratitude about from this year?  What have I learned?  What would I like…

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Reader Survey Part 2 – Isn’t This Interesting?

I’ve been pondering my reader survey results for another week, and I think you’ll join me in confusion land when you hear what I learned from the rest of the responses.  Meanwhile, if you missed Part 1, read it here. When we left our discussion last week, I teased you about being surprised about comments…

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And the Survey Says: Part 1

It began as a discussion with creative peers in a virtual workspace we shared this past summer.  “No, I’m not sure what my readers would say about that,” I said.  My next thought was why not do a survey?  Because I want to know what YOU think. And thank you, you DID respond – about…

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