What Makes Your #18FreeReads Writers Tick?

Hi Avid Readers! Did you ever want to peek behind the curtain of a romance writer’s mind? Today’s your lucky day! I interviewed my #18FreeReads compatriots on questions tickling my curiosity. (Haven’t heard of this giveaway? Download all of the books here until May 22.) What makes us tick? You, the readers, first and foremost!…

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Never Overlook the Value of Props

I was out and about today and purposely wore one of my “I am a writer” t-shirts as a means to initiate conversation.  (I have about half a dozen, all funny, all eye-catching.)  People stop to read the t-shirt, which gives me an ‘in’ to say “I write fiction.”  I ask what they like to…

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Change is in the Air – or is it Spring?

It presses in like a dense fog, unabated and blinding.  Even as its weight sways us, we refuse to move.  Why?  Because change is…HARD. Some might say this thing that feels like change is simply the advent of a new season.  I beg to disagree, at least for me.  Change for me is inevitable.  Without…

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How I Meditate to Create

I get Busy Brain Syndrome.  The symptoms of BBS include multitasking, stressing about trying to get everything done, and inevitably dropping the ball on something because I’ve over-committed my time.  Does this sound like you?  Help is at your fingertips, and you don’t have to pay a guru to learn to overcome BBS. Granted, it’s…

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March – and the Traveling was Easy

I have to say it.  Travel is humbling. We just got back from a bucket list trip, a cruise around Cape Horn in South America with days in major cities added at either end.  It was amazing, enlightening, and befuddling, all at the same time.  And yes, rounding Cape Horn was as wild and crazy…

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Your chance to win a Kindle Fire with 40 romantic suspense reads!

Valentine’s Day and romantic suspense – a perfect pairing! Hi Avid Readers! There’s a lot going on in the romance world right now – beginning with hearts and flowers and happily-ever-afters!  Today, I have another fun surprise to share with you. I’ve teamed up with 40 fantastic romantic suspense authors to give away a huge collection…

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