I Was Never the Cool Person

Yes, I admit it. I was never the cool kid. Who was I? Shy. Nerdy. Quiet. Geeky. Somewhere along the line – and I’m not exactly sure how – that changed. Last weekend, Dear Hubby and I went to a Field & Vine dinner. If you haven’t heard of the concept, it goes something like…

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I Want to Hear Your Input!

    Yes, it’s a survey.  A quick series of six questions, plus a comment box if you’d like to share more info I haven’t specifically asked for otherwise.  Want to know why? As an author, I want to connect with YOU – and people like YOU.  I want to tell them about my stories…

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Afraid of Failing Yourself?

I have become (some might say) OBSESSED about self-doubt recently.  I’m not talking about my own (though it can raise its ugly little head at any moment) but rather how we can learn to manage it. Yes, I said manage.  We can’t overcome it, because it never completely leaves us.  If we think we’ve overcome…

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10 Things is Here!

I try to be as generous as possible with what I know.  I want to help people avoid mistakes I made and problems I had when I began indie publishing.  I wrote so many long emails and posts on the subject that people suggested I write a book about it.  10 Things I Wish I’d Known…

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Don’t Look At This If You’re Hungry

I can’t help myself, folks.  I am a foodie.  It’s a toss-up if I enjoy eating food, cooking food, or learning about different foods the most.  If you read my Belizean Breezes – Impressions blog, you know I didn’t put any food photos there.  Why? I saved them all for this.  If your tummy is…

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Belizean Breezes – Impressions

Only three weeks have passed, but already I feel them fading.  Those Belizean breezes, gentle off the ocean, or roaring over the lagoon, or still as a statue.  Heat and humidity that should weigh a ton but instead brought a blanket of comfort.  People so friendly, they felt like friends from the first hello.  Food…

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