Getting to Know Angel Reed

Their story is almost here – Kaane and Angel in RIFFING WITH THE MUSE.  Last week, I posted an interview with Kaane Scott.  This week, learn more about Angel Reed, former research librarian and artist in the making.  Enjoy! Angel Reed – Studio Tour One Year Ago “Today on our studio tour, we’re lucky to meet…

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Getting to Know Kaane Scott

Did you ever dream of being a rock star?  Kaane Scott did – and he became one, until – but you’ll need to read RIFFING WITH THE MUSE to find  out! In the mean time, here’s a little interview with the big man himself.  Enjoy!   We’re face to face with Kaane Scott, legendary front man for…

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Spiders and Writers and Webs – Oh My!

What do spiders and their webs have in common with writers and their careers? A lot, as it turns out. Our arachnid counterparts spend a noteworthy portion of their lives spinning their webs and we writers spend a substantial part of our writing years in the development of our craft. But that’s not the only…

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Creativity – Part of Everything

I am a writer.  I am also a gardener, remodeler, cook, and traveler.  I am AVID (some say rabid) about all those things.  I recently figured out what binds them all together. Creativity. You see, I was kicking myself for not spending adequate ‘creative’ time each day.  I wanted to write, but other things called…

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Why Practice Calms Fears

My greatest long-term fear is that I waste precious, scarce time in my life.  There, I said it.  I don’t think I’ll ever have ENOUGH time to explore everything I want to try in my lifetime. “Am I wasting my time?”  I’ve asked that question again and again in my full-time writing career.  After all,…

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When What-If Lands

He landed with a resounding THUNK in the middle of our oak-floored living room, a little to the east of the fireplace and thankfully, missing Dear Hubby and the dogs.  I crinkled the newspaper in my hands, trying not to show any sign of my quaking recognition. “What was that?”  DH rubbed a finger on…

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